I’m super excited to launch my very first Science course for GCSE students. With the Covid-19 situation, students all across the globe suffered from disruption to their education, leaving them missing out on chunks of their education and not sitting those important exams. What’s even more difficult is that studentsRead More →

This blog is about the work of other women. This particular poem is by Zahra Shah on Knife Crime. It’s important to make people aware of the affect of knife crime on others and society at large.  Read More →

‘The shining rays of sisterhood’ is a compilation of quotes, poems and short pieces of writing by women of different experiences and backgrounds, aimed at bringing positivity and hope in others. This self heal book has been compiled in collaboration with the Muslimah Sports Association. The women from the PositiveRead More →

‘A Ramadan in Lockdown 2020, the lessons learnt and the hidden blessings behind the Pandemic’ is an account of the chaos and challenges we faced during the Global Pandemic. It was a time when each and everyone of us felt the impact of the virus in some shape or form,Read More →

Hello and Assalamu alaykum (May the peace and blessings of God be upon you), What a year it’s been! As we reach the end of 2020, a year full of uncertainty and change, I hope you can look back and find something positive. For me, I’ve put all my contemplation’sRead More →

I’ve just launched my new online course for writers. Have you got an experience, memory, flashback or an event in your life, whether positive or negative which you want to write about? Do you want to share your story with others and create your own book? Perhaps you want toRead More →

My Mother Written by Rahima Islam   Allah commanded me to enjoin kindness to my mother, she bore me in hardship and gave birth to me in pain. Allah decreed I worship Him and be gracious to my mother, to say not a word of contempt, nor to repel her.Read More →