As I write this account of my book writing journey in 2023, we are almost half way through the year 2024. It’s been a very busy start to the year for me, I’ve began settling into my new job, I’m focussing on my online book writing courses and my childrenRead More →

The children at a youth club in Hounslow were given the chance to write creative short stories and passages, they came out with some beautiful and well thought out ideas. They created bookmarks and had the chance to purchase my books. It was a lovely event and a great experience.Read More →

‘My adventure to Umrah’ was my very first young children’s book I had written and although I wrote it within a few months, it took me a long time to edit it and perfect it. It had to be written in a child friendly manner and it had to lookRead More →

It was a great honour being invited to Suffah Primary School on World Book Day. I read my book ‘My adventure to umrah’ to KS1 pupils and my book ‘There’s no compromise’ to ks2 pupils. The pupils listened very attentively and asked the most beautiful and intelligent questions. The staffRead More →

Do you struggle to write in English because English is not your first language? Is it a challenge for you to find the right words to write your memoir? Do you have a story to tell but don’t know how to write it up or don’t have time to write?Read More →

I hope and pray that you are all in the best of Iman, health, wealth and happiness. As we reach the end of another year, it’s that time in the year where I update you on the progress of my book writing journey in the hope to inspire, motivate andRead More →

In June 2022, I launched my second novel, ‘The Choice of Uncertainty’ at a gathering of just over a hundred people including my friends, family and supporters. The event started off with welcoming my guest and allowing them to nibble on an amazing array of snacks and canapes. Mojito styleRead More →

The Lost Chamber Written by Rahima Islam Just as a heart is composed of four chambers, I was blessed with four. And just as a chamber can cease to function, a part of my heart returned to God. Incomplete, empty, hollow and broken, I pleaded God for help. God gaveRead More →

‘The Choice of Uncertainty’ is my most recent fiction book and it has just recently been published. I have revealed my book only today to the public. I wish to launch my new book at a book launch very soon. ‘The Choice of Uncertainty’ is a story based on aRead More →