The Lost Chamber

Written by Rahima Islam

Just as a heart is composed of four chambers, I was blessed with four.

And just as a chamber can cease to function, a part of my heart returned to God.

Incomplete, empty, hollow and broken, I pleaded God for help.

God gave me the strength to carry on, He blessed me with patience.

The remaining chambers were my reason to fight, but the yearning for the loss never went away.

God had filled my heart, only to return it to incompleteness.

He had left this space for Himself, of His remembrance and of His love.

He said with every hardship would come ease.

The ease of patience, guidance, the love for the hereafter, but most importantly for the yearning of Him.

God knew I was lacking in what I needed, he filled my heart with Himself and that leaves me in contentment and in complete submission to Him.

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