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My name is Rahima Islam and I'm an author and registered scientist. I have studied science to a degree level and I work in the field of science. I am a devote believer in Islam and I am continuously studying and learning about my religion.  I write books in my spare time, I write both fiction and non fiction books and I write them from an Islamic and scientific perspective. My aim for writing books is to spread the beauty of my religion Islam and to educate my readers. Through my writing, I wish to inspire, educate, empower and entertain my readers. I have published my 8th book and now in the process of writing my 9th book.

I love writing because I believe writing well is an effective means of communication and a wonderful way to share knowledge and learn new things. I find writing therapeutic as its always been a self heal process for me. I therefore write books which are personal and heartfelt as my books are written to first help me and then help my readers. My books have sold globally and touched the lives of many. I hope and pray they touch you and benefit you in some way.

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My first book 'How on Earth is modern science mentioned in the Quran?' was written when I first discovered scientific discoveries mentioned the Qur'an, I was intrigued  at what I was finding out and although many had already written about this topic, I felt the need to compliment their writing. In this book I write about many fascinating scientific discoveries which have been mentioned in the Qur'an. I wish to write a second edition of this book in the near future because with time, new discoveries are being made and I would like to add those to my book.

My second book  'Empty arms, broken heart. My journey through grief. An Islamic and scientific perspective on miscarriage' was written to help me in my grieving process at a very difficult time in my life, when I lost my baby daughter at 23 weeks gestation. It was a topic nobody spoke about and my aim was not only to help myself, but to help those that had been through what I had experienced. It includes Qur'anic verses and Hadith about the loss of a baby and is complimented with scientific evidence.

My third book; 'Parenting: A sacred privilege. Advice and recommendations on parenting from an Islamic, scientific, psychological, sociological and personal perspective', was written to help myself and others facing parenting in modern times. Parenting changes with time and it is a topic that must be talked about. Being in the middle of my parenting journey, this book has helped me immensely and reached people of all walks of life. Again this book provides Qur'anic verses to help with the parenting journey, these verses are supported my scientific, psychological and sociological studies.

My fourth book; 'There's no compromise' is written in a different format, it is written in the form of a novel. Growing up in the UK and raising three young girls has allowed me to create a book for people wanting to understand Islam from the eyes of a young Muslim girl. Safiyah Kareem, my fictional character is a 10 year old Muslim Indian girl, growing up in the UK. With the challenges of growing up and the added dilemmas of being a Muslim in a society where Islam is misunderstood and misinterpreted, Safiyah faces day to day challenges, that she learns to deal with. One thing she does't do it compromise her religion, Islam. My illustrator Fahmida Zaman has beautifully illustrated this book.

My Fifth book is a journal; 'My Hajj Journal 2019' provides the reader with my experiences, my memories and the life lessons I learnt. It provides stories of the Prophets who carried out the rituals of Hajj and it provides tips and suggestions for those wanting to pursue their journey of a lifetime.

My sixth book; 'The shining rays of sisterhood' is a compilation of quotes, poems and short pieces of writing by women of different background and experiences. The aim of this self heal book is to bring positivity and hope in the life of others. The book has been written in collaboration with 'The Muslimah Sports Association', who are an organisation which help women to become empowered, inspired, educated and confident in both their physical and mental health.

My seventh book; 'A Ramadan in Lockdown 2020' is an account of the chaos and challenges faced during the Global Pandemic. It delves into the the lessons learnt and the hidden blessing found during this difficult time. For believers, a unique Ramadan in lockdown, a chance to contemplate, return to, repent and correct ourselves for the wrong we were doing.

My eight book; 'The Choice of Uncertainty' has recently been published and launched. This is my second novel based on a young girl living in a remote village in Bangladesh, she faced struggles and hardship and after the death of her father, the desire to become a doctor is ignited within her, but her circumstances do not allow her to pursue her dreams. A mysterious donor pays for her education, but she is oblivious to it until her grandmother reveals the truth on her death bed, her grandmother also has a dying wish. She must make a huge sacrifice in exchange to to allowing her to complete her studies. The book is a very emotional read and is aimed at kindling the empathy in its reader.

I was inspired to write this story after collecting narratives of unfortunate people living in remote villages in Bangladesh who we help through our charity 'The Al Hajj Abdul Matin Welfare Trust'. As a co founder of the charity, we have helped the unfortunate with food, clean water, shelter, education, a means of livelihood and means of marriage.

My books have been launched and are available to purchase from Amazon and other online platforms, such as; Goodreads, Thriftbooks, Bookdepository, Abebooks, Picpanzee, Magrudy, Ebay, Barnesandnoble, Adlibris, Booktopia, Loot, Walmart, Archiwum, Flipkart, Google, Bol, Bokus and Picdeer.

My books are available to borrow from the British Library and they have public lending rights. They have been used for study purposes by students. They are also available in some Islamic school libraries such as Iqra primary school and Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation school. They have been available at the Darussalam book shops across London. My books are available in hospitals and support groups, such as the West Middlesex Hospital and the Birmingham womens hospital charity.

I've been interviewed on Betar Bangla radio station and Ramadan radio, talking about my books and how I have reached out to those who have found it difficult to talk about some of the topics I have mentioned in my books. I have carried out both face to face and zoom sessions on talking about my books and the topics I mention. For impacting the lives of others, I have been recognized by the Zakigong Welfare association and I have been awarded for my role in society. The TCK publishing have awarded my book 'There's no compromise' the readers choice book award.

My book launch party appeared on channel s news, NTV news and Channel i news. My very first launch was at Nelson college London, where hundreds of people came to celebrate the release of my books. I have also launched my books online and I have attended numerous book signing events to promote my books.

I have created virtual book tours, taken part in World Book day, carried out talks on my books, showcased my books in  talent shows, high teas, and bazaars, as well as sold them at book fairs at the London Muslim Centre. My books have been read at the Muslimah Sports Association book-club and featured in the SciptionMag.

I have taken part in writing summits and carried out numerous book writing courses and have created my own book writing courses, some of which I have carried out live.

Many exciting events will be lined up, stay tuned to join in. Keep an eye out for my next Book launch party and the release of my new books.