I’m super excited to launch my very first Science course for GCSE students. With the Covid-19 situation, students all across the globe suffered from disruption to their education, leaving them missing out on chunks of their education and not sitting those important exams. What’s even more difficult is that students are now expected to cram in as much as they can by working harder than ever. Its a situation that was inevitable and it was God’s plan. I have tried to do my bit for students with the knowledge and skills as well as the resources I have to make their education just that little bit easier. During Lockdown, I prerecorded videos of GCSE AQA Science Required Practical Demonstrations for the students stuck at home and having no access to science practicals. The videos proved very useful as a number of schools used them to teach students science skills virtually. I feel honored that I could help these students and teachers at a time of difficulty. What’s more I have shared the videos on YouTube for anyone to access for free.

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The hours I spent on the videos  were a lot of fun and I decided to construct a course from all my videos with addition resources, such as exam style questions, answers and exam tips to allow students to utilize a course that would help them in their exams. The course is mainly videos and therefore perfect for visual learners. The course is on sale for £9.99 and the student will have one whole year of access to it. It can be used at the students convenience and own time.

For access to the course, please click on the link below


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