Do you struggle to write in English because English is not your first language?

Is it a challenge for you to find the right words to write your memoir?

Do you have a story to tell but don’t know how to write it up or don’t have time to write?

Don’t worry, I provide Ghost writing services to meet your needs and your budget. I’ll write your story for you, you just have to tell me your story.

I’ll be totally honest with you from the start and I’ll tell you how much I charge. That’s the question everyone has in mind, but they are embarrassed to ask at the start.  How much do I charge?

I charge only £30 per hour, a considerably low amount compared to what other writers are charging. I’ll tell you why, I know there are some beautiful stories ready to be told, but money is always an issue. I would think twice before I parted with my money too. But when you think about what is being created, your very own story which would mean the world to you and perhaps loved ones too, and think about if you decided to share it to the public, you would have a life time of income.

The process of Ghost writing will include a few hours of interviewing, author research, write up, editing, proofreading and then printing or publishing, not forgetting to design a front cover and writing a blurb. That’s quite a few hours, if your a perfectionist author like me, well I try to be anyway. Only a writer truly knows how many hours go behind creating a story.

This all depends on how long your story is and what it is based on.

People love reading biographies, autobiographies, memoirs and stories of the lives of others, it’s a way to either relate to people or get lost in someone else’s world. It also a beautiful way to leave a legacy for your future generation and a great memory for yourself.

If you have a story to tell and everyone does, contact me to start your story telling journey with me.


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