My Mother

Written by Rahima Islam


Allah commanded me to enjoin kindness to my mother, she bore me in hardship and gave birth to me in pain.

Allah decreed I worship Him and be gracious to my mother, to say not a word of contempt, nor to repel her.

Allah told me to honour my mother, to lower my wings of humility to her and make the loftiest supplications for her.

Allah prescribed I do not join partners with Him, be grateful to my mother, to accompany her in this life and treat her with justice.

Allah sent a Prophet who preached the value of a mother, having lost his as a child, he honoured every mother.

Heaven lies beneath mothers’ feet, she is three degrees above father, so provide her with the companionship, she so desires.

He said the worst of sins, is to disobey my mother, to use words of disrespect and hurt her in vain.

He reminded me of the importance of being good to my mother, as I could never repay her for her favours.

He informed me of my mother’s role, as teacher, carer, protector, and my friend forever,

The Prophet, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, left an important lesson,

He said when my mother is no more, he told me to pray for her, ask for her forgiveness, fulfil her promises and respect her family.

That is what Islam says about my mother, how can I possibly do anything other.

I am grateful for my mother who taught me the Deen, I now know what the existence of a mother means.

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