The Choice Of Uncertainty

Mayya is a typical village girl, living a typical village life, but after her father dies prematurely, due to the family not being able to provide medication for him, the desire to become a doctor and treat the poor ignites within her. But her struggles have just began, her mother re-marries and she is moved from one home to another. Her financial situation doesn't allow her the hope to pursue her dream, until a secret donor provides all her education fees. It is only on her grandmother's death bed she discovers the price she has to pay. After careful consideration, she makes the sacrifice and her struggles continue. She eventually gets more than what she had bargained for. A heart wrenching story based on real life narratives to kindle empathy within its readers.

This book was launched in the summer of 2022 at a book launch party which included a charity dinner, hosted by The Al Hajj Abdul Matin Welfare Trust, of which I am a co-founder. The proceeds of this book and all my other books go towards this charity and others.


The book is available as paperback, hardcover and eBook and is available on Amazon and other online platforms.

The Shining Rays of Sisterhood: A compilation of quotes, poems and short pieces of writing to bring positivity and hope in others.

In collaboration with The Muslimah Sports Association, a short book comprising of work by a selection of women who have written quotes, poems and short pieces of writing to bring positivity and hope in others. Women from all walks of life have shared their experiences, thoughts and talent in a book aimed at helping and supporting others as well as promoting sisterhood.


A Ramadan Lockdown 2020: The lessons learnt and the hidden blessings behind the Pandemic.

The global Pandemic brought with it many challenges and dilemmas, but it also brought with it lessons and hidden blessings. For Muslims across the globe, a unique Ramadan was experienced when the entire world was at standstill and in lockdown. It was a chance to ponder, contemplate, return to and repent for all the wrong done, it was a time to purify our hearts and connect with our Creator.


My Hajj Journal 2019

'My Hajj Journal 2019' is a concise book about my journey of Hajj in 2019. It provides a journal of my experiences, my memories, my stories and the lessons I learnt during my Hajj. I provide tip and suggestions for you to plan your journey of a lifetime. There are stories about the Prophets we follow during our Hajj rituals and the Last sermon of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is included.


There's no compromise

Safiyah Kareem is a 10 year Indian Muslim girl, a third generation immigrant, who lives in the UK. Safiyah takes you through a year of her life and she allows you see the struggles and challenges that she faces in her day to day life. Being a Muslim adds on to the extra dilemmas as not everyone understands why she does what she does, especially living in a society where Islam is misunderstood and misinterpreted.

She's learning to fit in with the Western cultures, whilst maintaining her Eastern roots, but she knows one thing for sure, she'd never compromise her religion, Islam. A suitable read for all, but there are some topics that may deem sensitive to children below the age of 10. It is suitable for both Muslims and non Muslims as it provides a great platform to tolerate the different belief's one has and allows children to learn about topics correctly, rather through curiosity.



Parenting: A sacred privilege: Advice and recommendations on parenting from an Islamic, scientific, psychological, sociological and personal perspective.

A non fiction book looking at parenting from an Islamic point of view and includes statements from the Qur'an and Sunnah. These statements support scientific, psychological and sociological studies on parenting which have been mentioned in the book along side advice from parents and tips from the writer. Parenting changes with time and new challenges are faced with each new generation and therefore it is very important for parents to refer back to the Qur'an and Sunnah for effective parenting.


Empty Arms, Broken Heart. My journey through grief. An Islamic and scientific perspective on miscarriage.

A non fictional book on a taboo topic, miscarriage and baby loss. This book has been written from an Islamic and scientific perspective as well as personal experience. Miscarriage is a topic that is not discussed in society due to the stigma attached to it. The writer breaks the silence and discusses what Islam says about the death of babies and scientific explanations for the loss of a baby during miscarriage.


How on Earth is Modern Science mentioned in the Quran?

A non-fiction book, summarising some very interesting and fascinating scientific discoveries which have been mentioned in the Qur'an. The Qur'an was revealed more than 1400 years ago and contains information that modern scientists have discovered only recently. The book covers a variety of scientific topics and is supported by Qur'anic verses. An educational and religious book for all ages.