In this book the author writes about scientific discoveries that have been mentioned in the Qur’an. Whilst scientists are discovering new findings in science, the author looks at how these discoveries and studies have been written in the Qur’an. From topics such as embryology, evolution, astronomy and oceanography, the book talks about some very interesting subjects.

‘How on Earth is Modern science mentioned in the Qur’an?’ was written by Rahima Islam when she was studying at University. She studied Genetics and Microbiology and during that time, new discoveries about Genetics were being discovered. The human genome project was completed, stem cell research and cloning was at its peak. This inspired Rahima to research modern science. This was also a time when Rahima was studying the Qur’an in English translation. She discovered that many of these modern discoveries were already mentioned in the Qur’an. She started jotting down her findings and later on this turned into her first book.
This book has reached people globally and has interested people of different faith and no faith.

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