In this book, the author discusses a subject that she has experienced herself.  It’s a topic that has a stigma attached to it, but she breaks the silence by discussing miscarriage and infant loss. The book was written to help her in the journey of her grieving process during the time she lost her baby. Her faith in Islam gave her the most comfort and her knowledge in science gave her possible reasons for her loss. Therefore she discusses miscarriage from an Islamic and scientific perspective.

In September 2015 Rahima lost her baby unexpectedly through miscarriage. The grief she experienced lead her to turn to her faith in Islam, she discovered that there was so much information about miscarriage on the internet, there were verses in the Qur’an and many hadith on miscarriage, but there was not a single book she found at the time with all the information in one place. She therefore decided to write the book to help herself and help others who have been through a miscarriage or baby loss or know someone who has been through it.

This book has reached many women who have been through a miscarriage or multiple miscarriages and baby loss. It has reached people of all backgrounds and religions. The book has been donated to hospital, support groups and charities.

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