Monday 14th September 2015 my baby daughter Sadiya was born.  She was born too early. Two days short of 24 weeks, 2 days short of being viable in the UK. She was born clinically dead, her lungs and brain had not developed fully, but she was born with her heartRead More →

Sunday 25th November 2018, Rahima was present with her books at the book fair organised by the Al Qur’an academy London at the London Muslim Centre. Many people walked through the doors and bought her books, she was able to discuss her books and sign copies of her books. ItRead More →

November 2018 saw the launch of Rahima’s third book, titled, ‘Parenting: A sacred Privilege. Advice and recommendations on parenting from an Islamic, scientific, psychological, sociological and personal perspective’. With a Vintage High tea theme, Rahima organised a book signing event where many of her guests were able to get aRead More →

July 2017 saw the launch of Rahima’s first two books, titled; ‘How on earth is modern science mentioned in the Qur’an?’ and ‘Empty arms, broken heart. My journey through grief. An Islamic and scientific perspective on miscarriage’. The book launch party welcomed guest with a variety of canap├ęs and drinks.Read More →

In this book the author writes about scientific discoveries that have been mentioned in the Qur’an. Whilst scientists are discovering new findings in science, the author looks at how these discoveries and studies have been written in the Qur’an. From topics such as embryology, evolution, astronomy and oceanography, the bookRead More →

The author discusses parenting from an Islamic, scientific, psychological, sociological and personal perspective. Being in the middle of her parenting journey, the author looks at raising children in this complex and changing society. She provides tips and advice from the Qur’an and Sunnah as well as scientific, psychological and sociologicalRead More →